About Us


“Fighter Idol” is bringing together the best grapplers and strikers in the World! Both amateur and professional Martial Artists will compete at the”Lionkiller World Championships!” This will be the Largest elimination tournament of its kind on the planet! If your looking to make a name for yourself this is it! The winners will show case their skills on Fighter Idol!

Meet the Team

Valerie Picciano

Founder and  CEO

Valerie is a Martial Arts enthusiast and a Vassar graduate. She is a World Champion debater. A lover of Art and and film, and she is also an accomplished musician.

Sharaya Bell

Vice President

Sharaya Bell is a World Class promoter as well as an Elite event planner. She has a philathropic heart and generates resources for children around the world.


If your looking to make a name for yourself and get incredible exposure this is where you want to be!

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